Sims 3 stories to read when you're bored

Mize 1.7

Screenshot-81 Chelsea would always come home from school exhausted from studying and working hard to bring up her grades.

Screenshot-83 She used to write love letters to this boy, Guillermo Keaton. She thought he was really cute.

Screenshot-85 I didn’t know it at the time, but she would sneak out of the house to play pranks on the neighborhood.

Screenshot-93 I think this is my favorite picture of her. It was her 19th birthday party.

Screenshot-92 Everyone had a lot of fun, dancing and playing around.

Screenshot-95 She aged into a beautiful young lady! I did have her change her hair though, at least after I convinced her that she didn’t look very retro, just plain weird.

Screenshot-99 Here’s what she looked like after her much needed makeover.

Screenshot-100 After the party, I pulled Walker out of boarding school for his birthday and his sister’s graduation.

Screenshot-105 Here’s the whole family together.

Screenshot-107 Chelsea was officially an adult.

Screenshot-109 Walker was very handsome, but he liked to spend time alone. He often built snowmen when the snow was deep enough.

Screenshot-114 He always seemed to be talking to this girl, Sausha. They got along pretty well. I thought about what my mother had said when I was little. She’d always wanted a large, multi-generational family. I decided I would help that come true. I would have to pick someone to carry over the Mize legacy which definitely wouldn’t be an easy choice.

Mize Chapter 1.6

Chris and I had been arguing late into the night and it exhausted both of us.

Screenshot-40 Until one night, when I just couldn’t take it anymore and I kicked him out…..for good.


Screenshot-47 Both the kids and I seemed to take it pretty hard.

Screenshot-63 I went a little crazy for a while got a tattoo, and started sunbathing in the park. (And no I do NOT have a picture! I threw them all out :))

Screenshot-51 Eventually, I got my life back on track and got a complete makeover, even dying my hair back to brown.

Screenshot-53 I started painting again after forgetting my life dream what with Chris and the kids, it’d been years!

Screenshot-55 I also made the toughest decision of my life that year. I sent Walker to boarding school to help keep him away from trauma and a broken family. i know it sounds stupid, but at the time, I was scared and worried for his future.

Til’ next time!

Mize Chapter 1.5

I had my birthday soon after Chelsea had hers. She was such a beautiful teenager.

Meanwhile, Walker was at the age where he was learning his skills.

How did that picture get in there?!

Chelsea was getting into trouble quite often. Christopher used to insist on putting her in time out. That man got on my nerves sometimes.

He used to come home from work covered in grime and dirt and then have his birthday in the corner without telling anyone!

At the same time, Chelsea had her very first school dance!

Mize Chapter 1.4

My mother had always wanted a legacy in the Mize name, so I thought I would have a second child just in case the first one didn’t…work out. Chelsea was just a doll at that age. If I could pick two words to describe her then, they would be brave and athletic. Once she learned to walk around, she would always toddle away from us. She was very restless. We decided to throw Chelsea a birthday party. Leighton Sekemoto came, and I guess he’s a fairy now! The look suits him. Our little baby grew up so fast! The baby came only a few days after Chelsea’s birthday. Little Walker was an adorable baby. Chelsea was not happy that the baby slept in her room. Walker kept her up all night. She was so tired that she began checking the bed for monsters! Apparently she found one because she slept in my bed that night. The babysitter was as sweet as could be. She chatted with Chelsea and she was great with Walker. Meanwhile, I was painting more often with the extra help. This was one of my favorite paintings. Walker was getting older. He had my hair and his father’s eyes. How cute!

Mize Chapter 1.3

I had really taken to gardening in my spare time. Soon I gave birth to my little….. Chelsea Mize! While I was taking care of Chelsea, Chris liked to fix and upgrade all the household appliances. Chris really loved Chelsea and liked to spend all of his spare time with her. He had gotten a job at the local diner as a kitchen scullion after realizing his real lifetime goal was to become a celebrated 5 star chef. After my pregnancy, I started painting again. I forgot how much I really loved it. Birthday time for Chelsea! This is before her makeover… And this is after. I don’t know how, but she has my purple hair! Chris definitely contributed to her genes, as she had his mouth and nose. Chelsea was such a handful that Chris sometimes had to take over gardening. I wasn’t too appreciative of Chris teaching our little girl how to break hearts at this young of an age. I found myself running to the bathroom in the middle of the night, as I was very sick.

Mize Chapter 1.2

The next evening, I met Christopher in the park. Some might say we took things a little too fast. Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Mize!

We went back home, ate a quick dinner, then promptly fell asleep.

I wasn’t too particularly fond of Chris’s PJs. But, I guess he liked them.

The next night, Chris went fishing for our first full dinner.

I was looking for plants to put in my new garden.

When I got back home, I didn’t feel so good… I guess it was from eating all that fish. I AM a vegetarian.

Turns out I was pregnant! (Gosh that sounds weird…)

After discovering this very happy news, I quickly ran to the bathroom to well…vomit.

Isn’t this odd, Chris said he wished for a girl, while I myself had been wishing for a boy! Weird.

Mize Chapter 1.1

Today I hit the park with my brand new guitar. My old town kicked me out after they discovered I could make music with a piece of wood. They thought I was a witch. Ya…my old town was a little outdated.

I drew a couple of people, but my skill wasn’t too high at the time.

After practicing for a while, I decided to start fishing.

I hit the pool for a quick swim and met a couple of people:
This is Christopher Steel.

And this is Connor Frio.

I stayed up talking to Christopher into the late hours of the night.

I think we really hit it off. Eventually he had to leave because we were both REALLY tired.

One lady at the pool had absolutely no manners. Thanks for reading the first chapter! I hope this legacy takes off ok…by the way the founder is supposed to be a much older me.